20 September 2008



WALL-E (Waste Allocation Load Lifter Earth-Class)
WALL-E (promoted with an interpunct as WALL·E) is a 2008 computer-animated science fiction film produced by Pixar Animation Studios. The film was directed by Andrew Stanton. It follows the story of a robot named WALL-E who is designed to clean up a polluted Earth. He eventually falls in love with another robot named EVE, and follows her into outer space on an adventure.

In the early 22nd century the megacorporation Buy n Large assumed every economic service on Earth, including the government. Overrun by un-recycled waste, the planet eventually became so polluted that it could no longer support life. Buy N Large CEO and Chairman Shelby Forthright (who hops on star liners "Axiom") developed a plan that would have humans spend the next five years aboard fully-automated star liners, while an army of Waste Allocation Load Lifter Earth-class (WALL-E) robots would compact the waste into skyscraper-like towers for easy disposal. However, the plan went awry; the Earth was found too toxic to clean up, and thus for the next 700 years humanity continued to live aboard the starliners for several generations, with the micro-gravity causing a loss of bone mass leading to humans becoming too obese to do anything without the help of robotic assistance. On earth, all but one of the WALL-E units has failed; the remaining unit still performs his duties but has achieved a form of sentience, collecting interesting odds and ends, befriending a cockroach named Hal, and watching old videos such as Hello, Dolly! to learn about human emotions including love.

One day, WALL-E finds a new plant growth in the trash, and transplants to an old shoe for safekeeping. Some time later, a spaceship lands on Earth and deploys an Extra-terrestrial Vegetation Evaluater (EVE) who begins to scan the surface as part of her directive to find plant life on Earth; WALL-E falls in love with the new robot. EVE initially sees WALL-E as a threat, but eventually allows him to follow her around, and takes to his unique personality. When WALL-E shows her the plant he found, EVE's automatic programming initiates, seizing the plant and storing it inside her, activating a beacon, and then shutting her down. WALL-E is unable to wake EVE, but takes great steps to protect her from the elements. The spaceship later returns to collect EVE; WALL-E hitches onto the ship's hull to follow it to its destination, the Axiom, the flagship of the human spaceliners. Aboard, EVE is taken to Captain McCrea's quarters while WALL-E follow her through the ship.

In McCrea's quarters, EVE reactivates and prepares to present the plant to the Captain so that he may place the it in the ship's holo-detector, which will activate the ship's hyperjump and return to Earth so that humanity may recolonize the planet. However, when EVE is opened, the plant has gone missing, and McCrea believes EVE to be malfunctioning. Both EVE and WALL-E are sent to the robot repair ward, but before EVE is harmed, WALL-E rescues her, accidentally freeing all the other malfunctioning robots. EVE and WALL-E become security targets, and EVE tries to send WALL-E back to Earth via an escape pod to prevent him from being harmed. However, while the two argue, McCrea's robotic first mate GO-4 enters the pod area, and launches the plant that EVE previously had out into space with the intent to destroy it. WALL-E and EVE safely recover the plant before the pod explodes, recognizing that they love each other, and make to return the plant back to McCrea.

EVE and WALL-E present the plant to McCrea. Recognizing that EVE has been to Earth, McCrea reviews her camera logs and sees the devastated planet, belying the images he had seen from historical records, and vows that humanity must return to make up for their mistake. However, AUTO the ship's computerized autopilot, reveals that Forthright instilled a directive to prevent any attempt to return to Earth, and stages a mutiny, locking McCrea in his chambers and sending EVE, WALL-E, and the plant through a garbage chute, significantly harming WALL-E along the way. As the robots recover, EVE and WALL-E recognize the only way to repair the failing WALL-E is to return to Earth to his stash of spare parts, and the fastest way to do so would be to insert the plant in the holo-detector. With the help of the malfunctioning robots from the repair ward and McCrea, WALL-E and EVE surmount the efforts of AUTO and the security systems to prevent them from activating the holo-detector, though WALL-E suffers further harm to his body. McCrea, standing on his own two feet for the first time, is able to deactivate AUTO, allowing the humans and robots to help insert the plant into holo-detector. The plant is positively identified as life, and the spaceliner makes the hyperjump to Earth.

As the Axiom lands on Earth, EVE frantically attempts to repair WALL-E. Though she is able to repair his body, his memory seems to have wiped, his waste-disposal programming taking over. EVE mournfully gives WALL-E a robotic "kiss", a brief spark between the two, which causes WALL-E's memories to return. The two celebrate together as the humans from the Axiom take their first steps on earth, carefully replanting the seedling that brought them back.

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